6 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

Time to Quit Your Job
By Isaac E

Last One To Hear

Just general information about the business direction does not get shared with you. Another worse situation is your employer not sharing a new initiative that impacts your job. The message management is expressing towards you is your unimportant. Also, there is no opportunity to advance in your career if they purposely are cutting you out.

Bad For Your Health

You should never keep doing something that is bad for your health. You can always find another place of employment. Depression, frequent illness, and mental disorders all our adverse side effects from an unfulfilling job.

Business Is Not Booming

The signs are always there when a company is in serious trouble and at risk. There may be chatter about upcoming layoffs, the operation is no longer growing or hiring staff, or they have moved to cut expenses. There are no badges for loyalty in this situation. Your employer is not going to help find a new job. You should immediately begin the job search process.

You Hate Your Job

Maybe hate is a strong word, but if you are not happy with your job, you will eventually begin to hate your job. For some of you, this may already be the case. A sign is if you find yourself having trouble getting out of bed to start the day. Sometimes a change of scenery is best for you and your employer.

You Don’t Fit In

Some businesses operate with a younger staff or culture. A start-up company tends to hire a younger more inexperienced staff. If you are older and married with kids, and most of the staff is twenty-somethings than you will not be relatable. You want to make sure there is work harmony between you, you co-workers, and management. Age and personality differences need consideration when deciding to take a job or stay at a job.

The Glass Ceiling

You have no place to go. We have all been there. When you have no opportunity for promotion, raise, or to take on additional responsibilities you need to leave. The last thing you want to be is in career limbo. When you stay at a job that has a glass ceiling, your career is negatively affected. The problem is someone with similar skills is moving up, and you are falling behind in your career growth.

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