Always Look For New Opportunities

Always Look For New Opportunities
By Isaac E

There is a belief that when you take on a new job, you owe it to the employer to stay in that position for a certain amount of time. The equivalence of being hired to signing a lease. The employee has no obligation written or unwritten to work in a position. Employees on average take 2-4 years in the employed position. The idea is to avoid a stigma when applying for a job. You want to avoid either not looking committed or worse not a good worker when a hiring manager reviews your application or resume.

But, instead, think of new opportunities missed by not having a resume that shows your ability to increase responsibilities over time. The resume will show an ascent to management or a leadership position. When you read stories of 30-year-old CEO’s is because they have risen quickly through the organization taking on many roles. Although we are aware in some cases, they have inherited the position of an elder.

Let’s identify ways to improve your skills professionally to place you in a position to accelerate your career.

Join a Professional Organization

Join a professional organization and take on a leadership role. Your city should have a local chapter of a nationally recognized organization like the American Advertising Federation, Project Management Institute, or Business Networking International to name a few of the top business networking groups. Just do a google search of your city, current field, and organization (e.g. Chicago marketing organization) and you should find a club within driving distance. Joining isn’t enough! You need to be active and attend events and at the first opportunity to accede to the board of directors. Becoming a member of the board works twofold you are networking your brand to people within your chosen industry. You are also taking on different management responsibilities once on the board expanding your skill set.

Attend a Professional Conference

Always look to attend a professional conference at least once a year, however ideally you should every six months. The best scenario would be to attend one domestic and one international conference every 12 months. We are in a global marketplace, and life changing opportunities are not limited to your country. The conference allows you to meet others in your field. You can learn about ways they have improved their organization in which you can duplicate.

There is opportunity to express your successes to others, in particular senior managers. You should also consider applying to present at a conference if given the opportunity. The point is to build connections with people that can help your career move forward and to provide the same opportunity to others. Everybody in attendance has a certain level of clout you likely fall in the middle. In this position you can influence others and others can impact you as well. The more connections you make, the more clout you have that can be cashed in so to speak in many different ways in the future.

Create a Career Move Strategy

The strategy should include a mix of finding mentors and applying for positions that can expand your responsibilities. The strategy also applies to business owners as well you should never stop building your knowledge. A good mentor offers invaluable experience that can prevent you from suffering through pitfalls. Building relationships with others earn mentor opportunities. For a non-business owner always be looking to reach a leadership position. Even if you are comfortable in your current role and do not seek to be a leader how can you know your full potential without pushing yourself? Individuals that create a diverse and robust network of professionals rarely have to apply or search for new opportunities.

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