Exceed at Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
By Isaac E

There are many tips you can pick up that are effective overall or within a given industry. One of the most important things to remember is that not every platform will work for your business. A law firm should focus efforts on LinkedIn or possibly Facebook while a bicycle shop efforts should apply to Instagram.

Identify Your Target Customer

Use data from past sales to determine your target customer via age, gender, race, and interests. The key is to narrow down the data you are collecting to be as accurate as possible. Per example, the majority of your customers are between 18 and 35 years old, have an annual income of $50,000, and enjoy outdoor sports. All website including social media platforms collect this data from users or have the capability of doing this. For small businesses with brick and mortar, you can ask visitors this information at checkout. Restaurants can ask customers to share their email for a drawing to win a prize and ask for that information via web form to enter the contest.

Social Media Marketing Mission Statement

You need a plan of action before you jump into social media. Social media is popular and is used by most people, but a personal account and a business account are two very different things. Your social media mission statement needs to be a reflection of your brand identity. Always consider your target audience and the customers you are trying to attract.

Slow Down on Automation

Social media is another arm of your business a way to build conversations with current and potential customers. There are social media accounts that all day send out promotional materials this is a fast way to get yourself unfollowed. Automation usage is best for pushing out new content quickly.

Engage Your Audience

As mentioned in the previous paragraph social media is all about being social. Building relationship with your followers by starting conversations will open up additional opportunities to serve. Also, their followers and friends will want to participate in the discussion, and this opens an opportunity to grow your following.

The 80/20 Rule Applies

Focusing your efforts on a few social media accounts and not attempting to be on all platforms is best. The last thing you want to have is social media pages that look abandoned because you are unable to keep up with posting. New businesses should start with 1-3 accounts that will be the most efficient use of time and branch out from there as your business grows. A restaurant should focus on visual platforms Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube!

Track and Measure

The most important step in this process. Tracking gives you data to collect and work off. Measuring then can identify campaigns that have been successful and the ability to remove one’s that have not been. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube!, and Instagram has this ability for your campaigns.

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