The Fast Growth of Blaze Pizza

Fast Growth Blaze Pizza
By Isaac E

Blaze Pizza opened their 200th restaurant last month in Mentor, Ohio. The industry consultancy Technomic confirmed the chain has grown from two to 200 franchises in four years as reported in Forbes. Star basketball player Lebron James invested and became a franchisee in the first year of operation. James currently is a paid endorser giving the business a level of clout. Maria Shriver and Boston Red Sox co-owner Tom Werner are other high profile investors in Blaze Pizza. Two weeks ago Brentwood Associates, a leading consumer-focused private equity investment firm announced making a significant non-controlling investment in Blaze Pizza.

Creating A Global Presence

The company is ready to branch out and create locations outside the United States. Two weeks ago the company announced an exclusive development agreement with the Kuwait-based M.H. Alshaya Co. to build and operate multiple Blaze Pizza restaurants across the Middle East and Northern Africa. The ambitious next step to move toward creating a global presence has to put other restaurant chains in the pizza space on notice.

Secret to Blaze Pizza’s Success

What is the secret to Blaze Pizza’s success. Blaze Pizza modeled their concept on the one created by Chipolte. The restaurant allows customers to pick through a large variety of toppings and watch the creation of their pizza. The pizza is cooked inside an high-temperature open-flame oven. The average cook time is 3 minutes. Blaze Pizza provides a wide variety of fresh and high quality ingredients. The restaurant has a friendly staff and environment that is attractive to customers. The restaurant also offers a gluten free dough and vegan cheese.

Considering the appeal of this new chain you may consider this as a your first of a new business opportunity. Interest in becoming a franchisee? Their website offer an ability to learn more information. They provide a list of qualification criteria and an online franchise inquiry form to fill out.

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