Hiring The Best Bosses For Your Company

Hiring the Best Bosses
By Isaac E

The people you hire ensures your business reach its maximum potential. The managers you are hiring need to lead, coach and motivate their team to be successful.

Genuinely Good People

I like to use the comparison that is relatable by most, and that is a sports coach. Coached like Alabama head football coach Nick Saban or New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick are demanding of their players. They push them to get their best performance, and their feelings are never allowed to get in the way of the goal. However, these men are respected, and their players express a different opinion to that of the public. In business, the bosses you hire need should have similar attributes. They need to know when to push and also when to pull back and show gratitude for their employee’s efforts.

Their Committed

The last one in and the first one out is a sign of non-commitment. However, the biggest factor is whether their team is not only completing all tasks asked of them but continuously exceeding expectations. Their interactions and communication with the team are exceptional. A committed manager is not always the most experienced and skilled. They usually will require additional training from you in the beginning. However, you can teach to improve skill, but you can’t teach someone commitment to one’s craft.

Hiring Experience

Caution is necessary when you hire someone with too much experience. Experience is a valuable asset especially in a new business. Bosses with experience have built in traits and may push the company away from the culture you want. They also tend to things that have worked in the past, but the key to success in business in continued innovation.

Trust Your Gut

The boss is considered an extension of you. Your bosses should communicate your vision at all times. They should never go rogue and off message because this leads to confusion on what is the ultimate goal. You need to be able to trust your bosses. You hire them, so you do not need to oversee aspects of the business that allows you to focus time elsewhere. If you feel as though you are still going to need to co-manage an area by hiring someone they are not the right fit.

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