How to Become More Productive

Become More Productive
By Isaac E

The thought is the more you work, the more you will achieve your goals. Some successful people regularly brag that they can work for hours continuously without rest. They may be working that long, but half the work they are completing will need review because the quality is not up to standards.

The question that arises is how to become more productive. There are blurred lines between productive and perfection. Speed hurts the quality of work as this is not up to your standards. In large part, this is because people are not always working smartly. You can work intelligently, and that is by making sure every time you work is when you are doing your best work.

Everyone finds themselves at least once working on a project and not wanting to stop. Sometimes the best way to flush out issues is by attacking the project for an extended period. But, keep in mind projects and tasks are two different things. This article is specifically talking about activities which can be open-ended and never-ending and considered short-term processes that have a defined beginning and end. They may begin the next morning or week again whether that be a ritual like reading email. Let’s look into the ways to improve productivity to complete all your daily tasks and give you more time to work on projects.

How you plan your day

You should keep a daily calendar of your appointments and activities. You can use an electronic, paper calendar, or both depending on your preference and what is convenient. The calendar keeps you on schedule with completing projects and task. You can easily become distracted with non-work activities like television, smartphones, and friends. A daily plan provides you with the opportunity to find time to unwind with distractions knowing that you have completed your work.

Your health

If you are not in good health than your production at work will suffer. You need to take care of yourself by making sure you are eating, sleeping, and finding time for daily exercise. The calendar again comes into place here. You need to eat and sleep to function, but regular exercise is an optional activity, and many decide to use their time doing an optional activity. You must keep in mind that everything is an optional activity other than eating and sleeping. But, we still choose to watch television or log into Facebook or other social media applications. Make daily exercise a requirement, not an option. You will have more energy, be more alert, reduce stress, and complete activities faster.

Rest, relax

You need to find time for rest. You need to sleep and although this falls under rest. Relaxation is referring to taking a day to yourself and unplug from work. Go to the beach, take a trip, go to a spa, binge watch your favorite show. The easiest day to do this is Saturday or Sunday. You should work every week to at least find one day to rest and relax.

A good night’s sleep

As mentioned previously sleep is a necessary and for some us a necessary evil. A good night sleep is an equivalent to recharging a battery. You should consider if possible to remove all electronics from your bedroom if you have trouble sleeping. At least 15 minutes before going to bed should be dedicated to writing in a journal, meditating, or reading a book. Allow your mind to unwind toy can respond to that email the next day. Ideally, you want to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

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